My Secret Weapon: Wellness Booster

It seems like my kids have been home sick more days then they have been at school. My youngest has missed about eight days since December, and my oldest six. We are talking two rounds of tummy bugs and viruses, and at least five colds.

I have only been down for one (that’s ONE) afternoon out of all of them. And I’m the one cleaning up the puke, wiping the runny noses and snuggling in bed with fevers. (Although to be fair, my husband does a lot too.)

What’s my secret? Easy! Lots of hand-washing, and  Wellness Booster from Boneys! As soon as ANYONE in the family gets sick or whenever I feel on the brink, two capsules in the morning, two with lunch and two with dinner until the sickness leaves the house.

There is nothing funny in there. Just good stuff like echinacea, ginger, pomegranate, tumeric and other goodness. I promise it works!