Four for Friday!

This is the part of the blog where I share some some of my favorite finds…often from our very own island! Read on for details.

  1. Salt & Pepper Pineapple Set. How cute are these little guys? I’m always amazed at some of the things I find at the hardware store.  And a good price…Compare to $14.95 on Amazon. Go, Coronado Hardware!  $11.99, Coronado Hardware Glass and Paint, 140 Orange Avenue.
  2. Deep Water, by Katherine Nichols. If you live in Coronado, you have to read this book! You might know that it’s about “The Coronado Company,” a drug smuggling ring that started when a Coronado High School student swam a bag of weed from Mexico to Imperial Beach. What you may not know is that the small-town entrepreneurs…including CHS students and a Spanish teacher…made it big-time, growing their biz into a one hundred million dollar global operation. You’ll love the references to former Coronado landmarks like Cora-Mart and Oscars. Currently $6.20 on Amazon.
  3. A Blissful Nest Blog. Rebekah Dempsey isn’t just a style guru…she is one of my best friends! Check lot her blog for all things home decor and design. You’ll also find organization, fashion and entertaining tips for your blissful home and life. I even ripped this idea off of her, but she’s so major she doesn’t care. (Her’s is actually “5 for Friday,” but I couldn’t find a free template for five things. Because I suck. But she doesn’t.) 
  4. Coronado Cupcakery. What more do I need to say about this? This Ferry Landing favorite always delivers. My fav? The Coconut Carla! Coconut cake with coconut cream cheese and topped with…that’s right…coconut! 1201 1st Street (Ferry Landing) on the Candela’s side. $18 for half a dozen.