Front Porch Portraits: Coronado Families Pose During a Pandemic

A quarantine “front porch” photo captured and featured in USA Today.

What is “Front Porch” photography? Well, it’s only the biggest trend in family photography right now. And Coronado’s favorite image sorceress—Kristen Vincent—is set to make some magical memories with you and your loved ones…on your very own front porch!

Since major news media outlets like the Today Show and USA Today featured “Front Porch” Photo sessions, families have been going crazy…booking appointments to snap their families during quarantine. And the “Front Porch” session is just like it sounds…your family comes out onto your front porch (or balcony) and the photographer snaps some photos. You don’t even need to get fancy! (Check out some of the photos from other sessions around the country.)

A family from the USA Today story holds board games.
Another family keeps it casual and real.

“I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me, asking me about them since a photographer was interviewed about it on the Today Show,” says Kristen, who has been snapping family photos on the island for more than 10 years. (She was even named “Coronado’s Best Photographer” for five years in a row.)


Front Porch photo sessions making the news.

“While I can’t actually shoot them right now, I can book them, and once the ‘essential worker’ restrictions are lifted, I can schedule them,” explains Kristen, who will still adhere to the social distancing of six feet away.

So what should families expect?

“The sessions will be quick, shot from the sidewalk of you and the people you are quarantined with,” says Kristen. “No need to be polished in your fancy outfits. I’m encouraging everyone booking to show up as their quarantined counterpart, and show a glimpse of what this time was like for their family.”

The marketing piece advertising Kristen’s Front Porch Photo Sessions.

For $99, families will get five beautiful digital images that they can use however they want.  Families can book online here.

“I think it’s important to document this time in history,” says Kristen. “There is still beauty now.  Even in these times of uncertainty, I am seeing so much creativity, connection and love. I encourage everyone to be taking pictures throughout this pandemic. It will be a story worth sharing to those that didn’t live it alongside you.”

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has put the brakes on most of Kristen’s business—upcoming weddings cancelled, and all currently scheduled photo shoots off the books, for the time being—she’s staying positive and finding joy in the “every day.”

One of Kristen’s beautiful family captures.
“It’s all about the light,” Kristen has said of her photography.

“I’m finding my inspiration in the nooks and crannies of my home,” explains Kristen. “Life in general is hectic and busy, then this happened and everything came to a screeching halt. I am now finding beauty in the mundane. My son’s shadow playing on the wall, or the sun as it hit his bedhead while he eats his breakfast. Challenging myself to see life from a different angle has been inspiring.”

“I want to know your ‘why,'” Kristen has said of how she approaches family photo sessions.

Kristen has this advice to give other small business owners during the global pandemic.

“Get creative and think ahead,” says Kristen. “It may be quiet right now, but this is temporary. Ask yourself: what can you be doing now to connect with potential clients, so that when the restrictions are lifted it can impact your business in a positive way.”

Wise words indeed! Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please contact Kristen directly at via her website here.

The Friday Five: Jewel Tones

I spy with my little eye…so many delightful jewel tones around town! From the sparkly to the shimmery to the downright bold, all of these finds can be purchased WITHOUT leaving the island. Check it out!

1.  Cross the border.  This over-the-top statement piece is handmade here in town by Dolores Forsythe. Each of the decadent designs is original and a little different from the next, so no two pieces are exactly alike. This “South-of-the-Border” design features more crosses than you can shake a sombrero at, all unique and lovely in their own way. Prices vary. D Forsythe, 1136 Loma Ave, 619-435-9211,

2. Jade Rolling Kit. Anything that makes you look younger and more beautiful without needles or surgery is a win for me! I’ve been wanting one of these jade rollers forever and have been researching the best choice on Amazon, and this one gets top reviews! My friends who work in the beauty industry love these things and claim they help reduce wrinkles, relieve dark circles, tighten the face and stimulate the facial lymphatic drainage system. I’m in! Amazon Prime this jade roller here.

3. Shimmery Metallic Clutch. I’m a sucker for handbags and especially clutches with any type of sheen! This lovely clutch from Dollie Style and Accessories is sure to add a little ooh-la-la to any outfit.  824 Orange Ave, 619-249-8286 inside the Nail Studio.

4. Turkish Lamp. I die for these Turkish lamps and the only reason I don’t have one yet is they are all so beautiful I can’t decide which one to buy! See for yourself at Fair Trade Decor. At $75 I think they are a steal…they’re sure to give any room a mini-makeover and fill your world with light and color. The best part? When you purchase something at Fair Trade Decor,  not only are you getting an original, handmade piece from a developing third world country, but you know that all artists are being paid fair wages for their work. Fair Trade Decor, 828 Orange Ave, 619-675-0072.

5. Iconic Eyeshadow Palette.   By now most people know I work for Beautycounter and yes, I’m drinking the Kool-aid because I’m obsessed with their makeup, especially their eyeshadow palettes! This one gets all the feels with the sparkly, fresh colors and transitions well from day to night. And, when you buy this eyeshadow palette or any product from Beautycounter, you’re supporting a B-corporation that spends just as much money on education and reform within the beauty industry as they do on marketing their own products. The goal? To get safer products in the hands of everyone. Shop here.
Thanks for reading, and happy Friday!

Outfit Crush: Festive Frolic!

Looking for a fun and frisky outfit for a night out with friends over the holiday break? I’ve got the perfect ensemble! Check it out.

1.Quilted faux fur by Kristen Blake. Nothing says winter fun like a soft faux fur! This quilted piece is SUPER cozy and looks great over denim, leather pants and all the other fun getups you have planned. You’ll stay warm and toasty as you look at Christmas lights and sip your hot toddy!
Amazon Prime it here.

2. Black Orchid Distressed Jeans. I’ve been living in these jeans for the last three years and they’ve done me right! They haven’t stretched out and they give me just enough of that “I don’t care” edge with the subtle distressing (which yes, has grown a bit over the years.) Check them out on Shopstyle here.

3. Cheetah Clutch. I love how this clutch adds some feral flair to any outfit. Easy to wear and carry, it takes every ensemble to the next level! Check it out at Dollie Style and Accessories at 824 Orange Avenue.

4. Free People Disco Heels. Does anything make you want to dance more than a gold pair of strappy heels? I think not! These shoes are playful and fancy and will make a night out of any outfit. Check out similar here. 

5. #2 Plumping Oil by Beautycounter. Yes, I sell Beautycounter so I’m clearly drinking the Kool-aid. But nothing helps plump out and moisturize my skin in the winter like the #2 Plumping Oil. Just a few drops morning and night and my skin is smoother, brighter and happier. Check it out here–currently on sale 30% off. 

6. Gold hoops. Doesn’t every girl need a pair of these? I have three! I love my hoops with a little texture and these earrings by Humble Chic certainly fit the bill. Elegant and stylish, and for under $20 they can’t be beat!
Snag these earrings on Amazon now.

That’s all for now! Hope your night is festive and fabulous!!!

Outfit Crush: Warm Weather Weekend

It’s not October in Coronado until we’ve had a warm, dry Santa Anna spell…where the hot winds blow down the inland mountain passes and bring crystal clear skies and toasty, tank-top weather. Lucky for you, I’ve got the perfect weekend ensemble! Check out my outfit crush.

1. Chaser Taco Tank. What’s not to love about this quirky tank top? It definitely kicks it up a notch! I don’t know about you but I can eat tacos all day, every day. Nothing better to wear on a sunny San Diego Saturday! (Or on a Taco Tuesday, for that matter.) Buy it on sale here. 

2. Black Prada Sunglasses. Still, it feels nice to be a little incognito and these shades offer up the perfect blend of style and coverage! Find them at House of Soles and Shades at the Coronado Ferry Landing.

3. Hammitt Crossbody Bag. You know I love my Hammitt Bags and this one is no exception. It’s the perfect size, soft and buttery to the touch and looks great with everything. Love the red zipper detail and phone pouch in the back! Find yours at Dollie Style and Accessories at 824 Orange Ave.

4. Grey Moto Jeggings.  These fun and frisky leggings add some “street” to your style. I found them at Miss Match down at the Coronado Ferry Landing. Don’t forget to ask for the locals discount!

5. Tory Burch Miller Sandals. I’m dying over this fiery red color and let’s face it…can you ever go wrong with a Miller sandal? These shoes add a festive splash of color to any look. Buy where you procure your Tory Burch. (I’m an eBay gal myself.)

6. Chloe Parfum. The bottle looks so pretty on my vanity and it smells like heaven.Buy on Amazon here.

7. Get Glowing with Dew Skin. Yes, I sell Beautycounter–lets just get that out of the way. But I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Dew Skin–our tinted moisturizer with SPF that plumps out your skin and makes you glow like a goddess. There’s a reason celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow love it. It also wins best in category from Allure and In Style Mag. Buy online here.

That’s it, folks! Happy weekend, and thanks for reading!

A Locals Guide to the Coronado Ferry Landing

The scenic Coronado Ferry Landing:  I’m lucky enough to live just around the corner from it.

When I worked at Peohe’s in the early 1990s, the Ferry Landing was mainly for tourists. T-shirt shops, a few places to eat, and of course the iconic San Diego Ferry.

Things have changed. While you will still find some souvenir shops, the Ferry Landing is switching things up a bit…starting to cater more to locals with killer happy hours, some charming little shops, and–hello–two of my favorite things, kombucha and acai!

So where are the best places to visit as a local? Here are my favorite stops along the Coronado Ferry Landing!

1. Grab a coffee and acai bowl at Coronado Coffee Company. Then take a morning stroll. 

Love this coffee cart!
…and they make amazing acai bowls! My girls love them too.

The Ferry Landing is practically deserted in the morning, and it’s the perfect time to grab my chai tea latte and a healthy acai bowl from Coronado Coffee Company. I love to take a walk and take in the calm, tranquil scenery.

Always happy dogs around this place.
A quiet morning at the Ferry Landing.

2. Enjoy a morning paddle.

There’s no better place to paddle than the mellow waters at the Ferry Landing. And the views…perfection!

Solo paddles are the best!

But if you must, bring your husband and a kid…

Or two. 🙂

Always fun to paddle under the pier! (Watch your head.)

Look, everyone’s happy!

Even if you don’t have your own board, you can easily rent one from Bike and Kayak. I love that they do all the board-lugging and hauling for you, so you take off right from the little beach by Il Fornaio.  All you have to do is hop on and paddle off into the Bay!  Have a furry friend? Bring your dog along for free! The prices are good…rates as low as $29 per person!

Good prices and friendly service at Bike & Kayak at the Ferry Landing. An easy way to take a paddle if you don’t have a board!

3. Grab a snack at Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q.

Two Words: Piggy Poppers. These fresh jalapeños are stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and smoked tender. I could eat these all day!

4. Order up some custom-made treats at Coronado Cupcakery.

Not only are the cupcakes at Coronado Cupcakery ridiculously delicious right out of the shop, but you can pre-order and customize for any party theme!

My fav? This adorable cake they did for Easter last year. If I’m hosting, I am totally ordering one of these bad boys!

5. Grab a sandwich and Kombucha at Crown Town Deli. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this place doesn’t beat around the Boar’s Head! Crown Town Deli makes the yummiest sandwiches AND they have kombucha on tap, people! I love to order ahead when we are taking the boat out and have them slice the sandwiches in quarters. Makes a perfect snack when you’re out on the water!

6. Get earthy at the Art for Wildlife Gallery.

Every time I come in here, I find something new and fabulous. An artist’s homage to Mother Earth, the Art for Wildlife Gallery was established at the Coronado Ferry Landing in 1994. This gallery calls visitors with a distinct purpose: the inescapable belief in the purity and sanctity of animals and the natural world as “subject matter” for art. How can you not love it?

Last time I went, I scored this lovely purple starfish that adorns my mantle.

7. Plan a private party on the Peohe’s patio.

Now I’ve planned quite a few private parties, and I had no idea that you can book an event on the back patio at Peohe’s! This lovely, outdoor setting serves up jaw-dropping views of the San Diego skyline. And of course, it’s Peohes…hello, coconut crunchy shrimp! I’m thinking this setting would be fabulous for business events and birthdays…and pretty much any other sort of celebration.


8. Shop ’til you drop at Miss Match.

I do most of my shopping online…but every now and then, I like to buy in person from local retailers. I’m lucky to live just a hop, skip and a jump from Miss Match which has everything from party dresses and jewelry to casual tunics, jumpsuits, wraps and scarves. And the prices are pretty decent!

And here I am rocking one of my favorite scores from Miss Match, my cold-shoulder red-print top. Pssst… did I mention they offer a locals discount?

9. Grab some empanadas and a drink at El Roy’s Happy Hour!

All this shopping has got you hungry again, and there’s no better place for a delicious, scenic and affordable happy hour than El Roys.

My favs? The empanadas of course….

and I just love this blackberry cooler.

But really, with specials on beer, wine, and cocktails, how can you go wrong?  Other half-off apps include Churrasco Tuna Sliders with chili tomato jam, Duck Confit Empanadas with Oaxaca cheese or Quatro Chili Chicken Wings with chipotle ranch. Mmmmm…..

10. OR…savor some authentic Italian food at Il Fornaio Happy Hour!

This is where I take my girls when my husband is away on business, mommy needs some downtime and the kids have energy to burn. I plop myself right down on the outside patio, order a glass of happy hour wine….

And let my kids run around on the little beach, or scooter, or rollerblade, or do what they need to do to get the wiggles out.

I adore this prosciutto salad on happy hour, and my girls always pick the pasta of the day (one with the sauce on the side.)

But seriously, its really hard to beat the views, food or the Happy Hour prices.

11. My last favorite thing about the Coronado Ferry Landing…actually riding the Ferry and getting off the island!

There is something so magical about getting on that boat and embarking on a short (yet scenic) voyage.


We love taking the girls on the smaller boat to the Convention Center dock, and grabbing lunch or dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack (which is an absolute BLAST for kids, let me tell you.) Or bringing the bikes and scooters and riding over to the Marriott for some poolside cocktails. Either way, it makes for a super fun outing, although I’ m always happy to return home to my enchanted isle.

And that’s it, folks! My favorite “locals” stops at the Coronado Ferry Landing. I hope you enjoyed!

Did I miss something? If so, please be sure to comment!