Brig in I.B. Beckons with Beach-View Patio and New Nosh!

We all love the Brigatine, but it’s a chain, right? What’s the point of driving down the Strand if you can hit up Taco Tuesday right here on the island?

I gave it a try yesterday and I’m glad I did. First off, I’m a sucker for a little drive down the Strand. Bay on one side, beach on the other…what’s not to love?

About 15 minutes later, I found myself at the new Brigatine on the corner of Seacoast and Evergreen, right across the street from the Pier.

It’s clean and contemporary and inviting with lots of bike parking and a long, open patio facing the pier and beach.

The inside is bright, and a little warmer then the revamped Coronado Brig with lots of wood and natural surfaces. The same idea though—lots of bar seating and casual eating style. (Yes the formal old-school Brig style is gone for good…but I’m rolling with it. My kids would ruin it anyway.)

Digging the Catalina Island wall art.
Peek into the kitchen.

But what I’m really loving about this location is the long, open patio along Seacoast, facing the ocean. (The bartender told me its dog-friendly, and I can totally see us bringing our Bulldog.) The outdoor space is way less cramped than the patio in the Coronado location.

When it comes to the menu, yes, it’s similar to Coronado.

Of course I ordered the Orange Wit to start.

But, according the the bartender, the first two items under “Beach Favorites” are unique to I.B.!

The “Kale and Farro” with organic baby kale, Italian farro and butternut squash, California goat cheese, cucumber, raisins and truffle vinaigrette was calling my name. But the bartender encouraged me to try the “Cali Steak Taco Plate.”

I was reluctant because if I’m going to get a taco at the Brig, it’s going to be the classic fish taco, but I allowed myself to be swayed.

Holy smokes, am I glad I did!

I ordered just one taco a-la-carte, and it came out stuffed with grilled skirt steak, charred tomato salsa, HOUSE-MADE FRIES, avocado sauce, salsa fresca, and lime crema on a griddled cheese blue corn tortillas.


It was decadent and delicious. Best part? It was only $5.50. On Taco Tuesday, you can get these bad boys for $4.50!

Beer was more than the taco!

So yes…a solid THUMBS UP to the Brig in I.B. You can bet I will be back for a brew and the skirt steak taco, bulldog in tow.

See you on Taco Tuesday!




Hooked on Poke 1-2-3 in Imperial Beach

Something fishy is going on in Imperial Beach…and I like it! I visited Poke 123 earlier this week, and it stole my heart–hook, line and sinker.

Let’s get this straight…a legit, affordable poke shop is open JUST down the strand? You don’t have to drive over the bridge and stress out over parking? Or pay a $5 delivery fee on Uber Eats?

I’m here to tell you that it’s all true, and Poke 123 will satisfy the cravings of even the most persnickety poke eater. The shop is already making waves with locals, and shortly after I left, there was a line almost out the door.

An easy 10-minute drive from the Village, Poke 123 beckons from the new shopping center on Palm and 9th—The one with the Starbucks and Chipotle and the Grocery Outlet. (You know the one.)

The inside is clean, contemporary and inviting. Nothing fancy, and no booze here, but that’s not what we are here for.

The manager could tell I was a Poke 123 virgin, and he came out and walked me through poke-procuring process.

First things first…you pick your bowl. The bowls are ALL THE SAME SIZE…the only thing that varies is how many scoops of protein (i.e. poke) you get.

I opted for the medium bowl, that’s 3 scoops of protein.

(As you can see, they also offer “Norritos” which are basically poke burritos and “Waves” which are like poke tacos. I’ll have to go back to try those.)

Step 1: Choose your bowl “base.” Choices are white rice, brown rice, salad, rice noodles or tortilla chips. I chose the rice noodles.

Then, you get to choose your sides, and they are all delicious! I got avocado, cucumber and seaweed salad. Yum!

Step 2: Choose your protein. The best part! Ahi, salmon, Hamachi, octopus, shrimp, scallops and chicken…even tofu, for the vegetarians among us.

I got spicy tuna, Ahi 123 and the salmon. And they are pretty juicy chunks! And check out all the sauces! I got the Fire Shoyu, Spicy Shoyu and Spicy Mayo (because I like it hot.)

Step 3: Pick your toppings. You can get crazy here! I did onion, wasabi, cilantro, ginger, and eel sauce.

The finished product? So poke-licious, I don’t want to mar its beauty…but hunger beckons. And it’s as good as it looks! Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

Sure, when it comes to Poke, there are lots of fish in the sea…but I can promise you, if you drive down to Poke 123, you’ll be reeled in like me. Catch my drift?

Thanks for reading!

I Tried It…A Vitamin for Shinier, Thicker Hair. Here’s What Happened.

Well, it worked.

I’ve always had lots of hair. Lots of shiny, long, thick, black hair.

But I noticed after breast-feeding two babies, a bunch of my hair fell out. It sort of grew back…but it just wasn’t the same. Flash forward six years since my last baby, and I decided to do something about it. I searched on Amazon for a good vitamin or supplement for hair, compared some of the top-ranked choices, and came up with this. It’s called Hair Anew and you can buy it on Amazon. Not a very sexy name…would it deliver sexy hair?

Supposedly this vitamin gives you better hair, but it doesn’t have the yucky nausea-inducing side effects of a prenatal vitamin. Would could it hurt to try? (If you’re going to spew, spew into this…)

The results? After a month of taking this bad boy in the morning along with my vitamin C, adult ladies vitamin and my Milk Thistle (hello, wine!) my hair was acting a lot…better. Seemed to fill out in some areas, and just seemed to behave more like my pre-parenthood hair. More like my 20s bar hair. (Except, brushed and not matted in the back from sleeping drunk in wacky positions.)

Full disclosure–turns out you are actually supposed to take TWO capsules with a meal, I’ve only been doing one! Apparently I can’t read a label.

The reviewers on Amazon agree, and it gets awesome ratings. It’s also vegan, gluten-free and never tested on animals. (Meow.)

I made my husband try it too. He wasn’t sure about the effects on his already-full lion’s mane of hair.

Ian says, “I don’t know. I guess it helps. But wait…I’ve noticed my nails are feeling stronger.”

So anyway, worth a try! If you get it, please let me know if it works for you.

P.S. The girl that does my makeup said that my skin was looking better and asked if I had just gotten a facial. I HAVEN’T! But I’ve been taking these vitamins! Coincidence?

Here’s how my hair is looking a few weeks after taking Hair Anew. (Please disregard the dour, half-smile on my resting-bitch face.)


Four for Friday

Time for this week’s Four for Friday…cool stuff you need, want, have-to-have! As usual, all items you can grab WITHOUT leaving the island!

1. Where have all the unicorns gone? To your coffee table! Crushing on this gold unicorn table lamp from Target. Currently on sale online now. $24.

2. Love this “Trick or Wine” floral-sleeve Tshirt from Be Polished. Currently on the racks outside for $21.99. Be Polished, 131 Orange Avenue.

3. Need a new witches hat for the Witches Tea next weekend? Of course you do. Check out this beauty. On display at Charisma, (along with a few others) at 1158 Orange Avenue.

4. Veuve, bubbly elixer of the angels. On sale for $45 at Vons. Why are you still reading this? Go get your bottle now! Vons, 858 Orange Avenue.

Happy shopping, and thanks for reading! Until next Friday…


Four for Friday!

This is the part of the blog where I share great deals you can score without leaving the island! Let’s get right to it.

1.”Wine and Paint” workshop at Emerald C Gallery. Cozy up at Emerald C for some brush dipping and wine sipping! You’ll create your own canvas masterpiece, and the $40 fee includes supplies, instruction and all the wine you can drink! But don’t forget to RSVP…space fills up fast. Workshops run every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 6-8pm. Cheers to that! Register online and preview the paintings here.

2. The Pumpkin Spice Candle by Our Own Candle Company. Nothing says Fall like pumpkin ANYTHING. I bought this candle a couple of weeks ago and it makes my house smell amazing! Getting ready to Amazon Prime a couple more of these bad boys. Check it out here. Amazon, currently $14.99.

3. “I’m Here for the Boos” Tank. I grabbed this from Target last week to make my $80 “Target minimum” and I love it. My daughters think its super cute, and I dig the witty (and appropriate) pun. Target, $12.99.

4. Happy Hour at Il Fornaio. I love getting cozy in the bar or toasty under the heat lamps in the outdoor patio for this happy hour. How can you beat eating $6 pizzas a stone’s throw from the blue bay? Happy Hour runs Monday-Friday from 3-6pm. 1333 First Street, Coronado. 619-437-4911.

Thanks for reading, and happy Friday!