Emerald C Dishes up Coronado’s First Farm-to-Table Art & Sensory Dining Experience

Would you like to dine on a 5-course gourmet meal with a local chef, chat with a celebrated Southern California artist, all while enjoying live music and wine with your friends? Without leaving the island?

If the answer is yes, check it out:  Emerald C Gallery is hosting Coronado’s very first “sensory dining experience.” A pop up dinner of sorts, it’s all happening in the Emerald C gardens on Saturday, October 6 from 6-9pm.

And what exactly is a “sensory dining experience?” According to Penny Rothschild and Mellissa McLane of Emerald C, it’s an evening designed to “merge the senses and encourage an intensified awareness,” enhancing appreciation and enjoyment, of not just art, food, and music, but the overall environment.

   The ladies of Emerald C.

“We really want to shake things up at the gallery, and do some different events,” says Melissa. “I have a friend who is a well-known artist in New York City, and he says these events are very popular at galleries and museums there. We thought…why not bring one to Coronado?”

And it just so happens Emerald C has a spacious gallery, and lovely, private garden…complete with sea breezes galore! The perfect setting for an artist reception and a delightful gourmet meal.

Penny Rothschild, gallery owner, thinks that Coronado is ready for a thoughtful, fresh event like this.

“Most of the people who live here are really seasoned travelers and they have a deep appreciation of art,” says Penny. “I think they are open to new ideas and are ready for something different and exciting!”

After all, this isn’t just your usual night out.

“This is a whole new experience, more than just going out to dinner,” says Melissa….”We really want to create a multi-sensory dining experience that is soulful and authentic…an evening that you won’t forget.”

When they arrive, guests will enjoy a cocktail reception with artist Kym de los Reyes, who is known for her energetic, colorful abstracts and impressionistic paintings. Kym has her work featured in galleries from Laguna Beach to Hawaii, and of course in Coronado at Emerald C.

Artist Kym De Los Reyes

“I’ve painted my whole life, it’s something I’ve always done. I feel called to paint, “says Kym. “I grew up in Southern California in a big family…we were always at the beach. It was optimistic in the 80s, and I think it’s really reflected in my work. I hope when people view my work they feel that joy.”

To learn more about Kym, see her website here.

Next, guests will move into the garden where they will be pampered by a five-course meal by vegan chef Cody Rush of Organic Memories.

 Chef Cody Rush

“My love for fresh seasonal produce started as a child from my family’s farm,” says Cody. “Using the same theme as farm-to-table, I take it a step further with chef-to-farm. Going to the farms directly, finding and picking the best quality produce around to specialize each dinner.”

Cody seeks to “send a ripple” into the world with his dishes, and shine the light on more organic and plant-based food choices.

Between the art, the music and the food, Penny and Melissa agree that the night will be unforgettable. “The experience is going to be magical,” says Penny. “Come let us pamper you!”

The ladies of Emerald C Gallery hope that you emerge from the experience with an “interconnectedness of your senses, and a deeper connection to those around you.” Sounds pretty sensational to me!

For a short time, tickets will be discounted by $100. Buy tickets here.

or call the gallery at 619-996-3315. Use the code FRIENDS to get the deal! (Tickets with code $125, normal price $225.) See you there!