I Tried It: I Hired a Home Organizer, Part 2


Hiring a home organizer has changed my life.

As you know, I hired Get Organized to redo my kitchen. The results were nothing short of amazing! I had no idea how calming and peaceful it is to live in a space that is organized and functional.

But I soon realized, that I needed some help (ahem) in other parts of my house.┬áSpecifically, the girls bedrooms, their closets, and finally…the parent closet! (YES!)

So Renata and Natalia soon arrived to do the girls bedrooms. AGAIN, powerful results! Here’s what their bedrooms looked like before (no judgment, please…)


And after.

And here’s their downstairs closet before…

And after…

And now for my favorite part…check out Ian and my closet before..

And after.

Do you have any idea how excited I am? And in case you were wondering…yes Renata will come back every few months or so and do MAINTENANCE on her organization, so if you start to slip (which I inevitably will) you can get back on track.

So yes, I’m happy. (Sigh.) How did I ever manage before? I have no idea. So grateful for Renata and Get Organized!

Text Renata at 619-366-7850 to set up a free consultation and get a quote.