I Tried It: Mobile Massage by Harmony Zents

You’re crazy busy. You’re stressed out. Your body feels tight and sore. What you need is a day at the spa, but you don’t have the time (and you don’t want to be that spendy.) How can you spirit yourself away to the land of la-la and get in a happy groove, without adding additional stress to your plate?

Don’t worry your pretty little head about it; I have the answer. What you need is a mobile masseuse! That’s right. You need a trained, local, amazing masseuse to show up at your door with a luxurious, heated spa table (complete with super soft linens), spa-quality products, essential oils, and relaxing spa music.

Enter, Harmony Zents Mobile Massage Therapy. (And let’s get something straight right away. The masseuse’s name is actually Harmony Zents. Like, she was born with that name. Did she pick the right career or what?)

I was lucky enough to try out the massage service a few days before Christmas. I was frazzled and tired. My kids were going crazy. My husband was working like a spaz. I had just finished buying Christmas gifts for 15 humans of various age, interests and size. They were all stacked up inside their Amazon boxes in the garage. When was I going to wrap them? Did I buy enough cinnamon rolls? What about champagne?

Then Harmony shows up with her magic massage table and my life changes. And I didn’t even have to leave my house!

“Clients like having a masseuse come to their home because they are able to save time, and it’s less stress,” says Harmony.

Less stress indeed. There’s not much I had to do to prepare. I did spend some time (like, two minutes) lighting a few Christmas candles, and regulating my kids and husband to other parts of the house. But I didn’t have to rush out of my home and I didn’t have to find parking.

Harmony brought her super nice, super comfy massage table that is HEATED. I asked her to set it up in the living room right by the Christmas tree (because…pretty!) The linens were really soft and comfy (she says she only uses really high-end spa-quality items) and she brought her own soothing spa music with her so I didn’t have to mess around with my Pandora app. I could see how this set-up would be winner with lots of women, and moms in particular!

“I have a lot of moms that get massages when their children are napping,” she says. “They love being able to stay relaxed and not jump back into the real world right away.”

While Harmony was setting up I filled out a short form (any medical issues she needed to be aware of, what sort of pressure did I like, what areas of my body were bothering me) and then it was time for the massage!

Harmony turned around while I undressed (next time I would probably put on a robe instead of having to deal with taking all my clothes off, and I would close my blinds should a neighbor walked by, but there was no time for details.) I stripped down to my bottoms (yes I am a prude) and hopped onto the comfy, heated table.

Harmony is no massage newbie. A 2006 graduate from the California Holistic institute, Harmony is considered a seasoned therapist with more than 15,000 hands-on hours of massage therapy. She’s worked in massage in both the spa and medical industry.

“It’s important to have a massage therapist that is educated and licensed,” said Harmony. “And I believe it should be an experience, not just a massage…as in luxury sheets, spa products and complimentary essential oils.”

All of which Harmony provides.

“And it’s really important to have a therapist who communicates clearly and really listens to what their client wants.”

I requested moderate to heavy pressure, and told her that I am always tight in my hips and my neck is always “off”. I also have scoliosis which means that my body is on a tilt and a little wonky, which she picked up on right away.

Harmony gave an amazing, relaxing full-body massage and definitely knew what areas of my body to target, and could tell which parts needed attention that I forgot to mention. I found that even though I was in my living room, and my children were still in earshot (as was my husband, who was on a business call) I was able to totally check out and relax into the moment. She also spent lots of time on my hands and feet (which I love!) and I didn’t feel overly-drenched in massage oil when it was done, so no pressing need to shower.

I emerged feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and so much better. My stress and anxiety dwindled into nothing.

“Massage has been proven to lower cortisol levels and increase oxytocin levels,” says Harmony. And we all know what that means…less stress!

“Upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related,” Harmony says on her website. “And nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high, uncontrolled stress.”

Harmony believes that for these reasons, receiving massage therapy on a regular basis is a must-do. It should not be considered pampering, but essential for maintenance on mind, body and soul.

“Most people don’t realize how tight they are until they get a massage,” says Harmony. “When you receive a massage often, you’ll get in tune with you body and see what needs to be stretched and rolled. Massage will help prevent tightness and possible injuries.”

Moms in particular see many benefits from frequent massage.

“Moms are always busy taking care of everyone and everything,” says Harmony. “They need to take a little time out to just relax and unplug for an hour. If a mom is broken, she can’t take care of her tribe as effectively.”

Amen to that! Harmony says she loves her job and it definitely shows. She has a great eye for detail, knows which parts of your body need the most attention and doesn’t talk your ear off during the massage so you can really relax.

“I love what I do because I can see my clients as their health improves, and their pain levels decrease,” says Harmony. “It’s very rewarding! And I love how my office changes every hour.”

Speaking of, Harmony doesn’t just do massages in people’s homes. She will also go to hotels, and even massages people on their yachts! (I asked her about the space on smaller, less yacht-ish boats, and she says many people will get massages on the boat dock. Sweet!)

“Many people also like getting their massage outside in their backyards, if the weather is nice,” says Harmony.

Harmony runs special pricing for us islanders. It’s $95 for an hour and $135 for an hour and a half. For active-duty military (that’s as in active-duty military, not non-military spouses) she only charges $50 an hour. (Her fees increase if she has to travel off-island.)

She also offers special packages for Coronado clients, which can bring the price as low as $70 per hour of massage. Harmony does gift cards, and will put them in the mail or drop off in Coronado. Check out her website for more info http://www.massagetherapistinsandiego.com or call/text 858-900-7450

By the time my massage was over and Harmony left, I felt much better. My body was happier, my mind was de-cluttered and I felt ready to take on the rest of the pre-Christmas prep. My mind, body and spirit were in perfect…harmony.