Fair Trade Decor Opens in Coronado!

I am delighted to share that Fair Trade Décor has opened on the 800 block of Orange Avenue, right next to the UPS Store.

What exactly is Fair Trade Décor, you ask? According to the salesperson, the store showcases and sells unique, hand-crafted items made in 40 developing countries all over the world. The best part? All artisans are paid fair prices for their work, and they labor in good working conditions (ie, no funny business like child labor.)

But let’s face it. None of this would really matter if the items weren’t beautiful, and the prices weren’t reasonable. Happily for us, Home Trade Décor nails it on both fronts!

The items are colorful and eye-catching–everything from glassware and blankets to pillows and jewelry. There is even a charming children’s section that you’ll have to visit the store to check out.

Each item comes with its own “story card” that describes how the item was made and where it comes from. How cool is that?

According to the store’s website, Fair Trade Décor is the first store of its kind in San Diego. (The original location is in Del Mar; this is their second location.)

Also according to the site, “Fair Trade Décor is a family-owned business dedicated to furthering the mission of Fair Trade through the sale of unique, eco-friendly and handcrafted items…When you choose Fair Trade items, you are endorsing an economic system that provides sustainable and legitimate means for people around the world to lift themselves out of poverty in proper working conditions.”

How can you argue with that?

Happy holidays everyone, and thanks for reading!