Style Brainstorm: What to Wear to Havana Nights CSF Gala?

Forget East Atlanta! My heart is in Havana. At the Havana Nights-themed Coronado Schools Foundation Gala, that is!

The upcoming event—taking place on October 20th (at the Hotel del Grand Ballroom no less, so bring your manners, oh-na-na)—is getting me all hot and bothered. Not because I’m anxious about the sure-to-sizzle “Party at the Tropicana,” complete with fancy plated dinners, lots of wine and a nine-piece salsa band, but because…WHAT DO I WEAR?

I love the annual Coronado Schools Foundation Gala, and have attended every year with my husband since 2012. It’s amazing to share in such a festive, exciting event with our friends and community, and we are so happy knowing that all proceeds go back to our public schools. (And let’s get real, its fun to watch your friends from drop-off and pick-up get a little tipsy. They don’t call it “Mom’s Prom” for nothing!)

We’ve even taken to auctioning off a sunset boat ride aboard one of my husband’s larger French sailboats he has in stock through his business as a yacht broker. (So raise your paddle on that one!) And this year I plan to bid aggressively on the orthodontics package from Dr. Mullins because my braces-wearing 7-year-old has a least one more round of orthodontia ahead of her!

But let’s get to the important part. What do I wear? I mean, it’s a Havana Nights theme, so not any little black dress will do.

As usual, I have taken to the internet to find some fashion inspo for this event. (True, its only August, but September is a mess of back-to-school craziness and that bleeds into the pre-holiday cluster of October) and it’s time to get organized.

Here’s what I found!

This look kills me! If I could replicate it, I would.

Ahhh! Wear can I find this? Found on a UK website.

Super cute! Would be fun to twin it up with someone!

Love this A-line floral! Prob wouldn’t work for my body type, but would be cute on someone!

Love this playful take!

And this sassy look is amazing!

This dress makes me happy on so many levels. Must pursue.

Love this rockin jump suit!

And what about hair?

Obviously flowers are a must!

A bandanna? Yes, please!

And grapes? Not sure about that, but if you do it…I will high-five you!

And what about the guys! Ladies, we know its up to us, so how do we help our dudes channel their inner Andy Garcia?

White hot in this one.

Love the vest!

Ah! Perfection!

I die for the yellow.

Love the warm color of this jacket.

So that’s where I’m at! Any other smoken’ ideas, fit for a fun and frisky evening?

And stay tuned for more info on the upcoming Gala!

Buy your tickets here. This event sells out every year so don’t delay! See you at the Tropicana! (Oh-na-na.)