Brig in I.B. Beckons with Beach-View Patio and New Nosh!

We all love the Brigatine, but it’s a chain, right? What’s the point of driving down the Strand if you can hit up Taco Tuesday right here on the island?

I gave it a try yesterday and I’m glad I did. First off, I’m a sucker for a little drive down the Strand. Bay on one side, beach on the other…what’s not to love?

About 15 minutes later, I found myself at the new Brigatine on the corner of Seacoast and Evergreen, right across the street from the Pier.

It’s clean and contemporary and inviting with lots of bike parking and a long, open patio facing the pier and beach.

The inside is bright, and a little warmer then the revamped Coronado Brig with lots of wood and natural surfaces. The same idea though—lots of bar seating and casual eating style. (Yes the formal old-school Brig style is gone for good…but I’m rolling with it. My kids would ruin it anyway.)

Digging the Catalina Island wall art.
Peek into the kitchen.

But what I’m really loving about this location is the long, open patio along Seacoast, facing the ocean. (The bartender told me its dog-friendly, and I can totally see us bringing our Bulldog.) The outdoor space is way less cramped than the patio in the Coronado location.

When it comes to the menu, yes, it’s similar to Coronado.

Of course I ordered the Orange Wit to start.

But, according the the bartender, the first two items under “Beach Favorites” are unique to I.B.!

The “Kale and Farro” with organic baby kale, Italian farro and butternut squash, California goat cheese, cucumber, raisins and truffle vinaigrette was calling my name. But the bartender encouraged me to try the “Cali Steak Taco Plate.”

I was reluctant because if I’m going to get a taco at the Brig, it’s going to be the classic fish taco, but I allowed myself to be swayed.

Holy smokes, am I glad I did!

I ordered just one taco a-la-carte, and it came out stuffed with grilled skirt steak, charred tomato salsa, HOUSE-MADE FRIES, avocado sauce, salsa fresca, and lime crema on a griddled cheese blue corn tortillas.


It was decadent and delicious. Best part? It was only $5.50. On Taco Tuesday, you can get these bad boys for $4.50!

Beer was more than the taco!

So yes…a solid THUMBS UP to the Brig in I.B. You can bet I will be back for a brew and the skirt steak taco, bulldog in tow.

See you on Taco Tuesday!