Four for Friday!

It’s that time again, it’s Friday! In the spirit of the weekend, here are four items you can buy WITHOUT leaving the island! Check it out.


1. Grey Pineapple Truckers Hat. Ready to feel like a juicy slice of paradise, you tasty dish? Try this on for size! $20, Jade Kai Designs. Order and check out online store here.
2. Boho chic necklace. One word: wowza. Handcrafted by Liz Campbell in her Coronado studio with Crown Town Design.¬†Email [email protected] for more info.
3. Cactus Tealights. Yes, please! They are just too cute. Great hostess gift. (Nothing prickly here.) $9.99. Amazon Prime the Cactus Tea Lights here!
4. Llama makeup bag. No drama for these llamas! Just a charming, snappy makeup bag handcrafted by artisans from a developing third world country, who are paid fair wages for their work! Pick up this bad boy at Fair Trade Decor. 828 Orange Avenue.

Thanks for reading everyone, and happy shopping!