Four for Friday!

It’s Friday! Hooray! That means it’s time to check out four things you want, need, can’t live without. And of course, all things can be purchased WITHOUT leaving the island!

1. Shake it like it’s a Polaroid…with the fun and functional Fuji Instax Mini 9. In ice blue, of course. People are smiling big over this snappy camera that pops out instant photos like its the 90s. Amazon Prime this awesomeness here.

2. Whimsical unicorn headbands. You can stick a horn and glitter on almost ANYTHING these days and suddenly, it’s fantastic! But seriously, how darling are these? Unicorn-a-licious, if I don’t say so myself. I’m thinking Valentines Day for the female munchkins in my life. You can get them here on Amazon for $8.99.

3. Coronado Brewing Company grey tank. Sometimes you gotta keep it real, and this sly boss of a tank is there for you on your low-key days. Islander IPA, anyone? Snag one at the Coronado Brewing Company, 170 Orange Avenue. Or you can buy online here. 

4. Bad Girls Throughout History Notecards (and book!)  Pirates and abolitionists and artists, oh my! The sassy, historical chicks featured in these notecards and books were both naughty and nice: they challenged the status quo and changed the rules for all who followed!  From Marie Curie to Joan Jett, the ladies featured in the illustrations make this a distinctive, gift-worthy tribute. Buy at Seaside Papery, 1162 Orange Avenue.

That’s all for this week! Happy Friday, and thanks for reading!