The Friday Five

Happy Friday! Do you know what I’m thinking about today? Flamingos! These feathered friends are EVERYWHERE right now, and they are the focus of this week’s Friday Five! As always, all items you can buy without leaving the island! Check it out!

1. Flamingo T-shirt Dress. How much do you want to throw this on over a good tan with your favorite flip flops? I know I do! Blue Jeans & Bikinis, 971 Orange Ave.

2. Flamingo LED Night Lamp. This bird wants to party! Light up the night with this bright, tropical flamingo LED lamp. No wiring, no fuss, just feathered fun.

Buy Flamingo LED Light on Amazon Prime here.

3. Pink flamingo scarf. Add some pluck to your look with this lightweight scarf. Adorned with glittery flamingos, this piece will bedazzle anything you’ve got going.  Miss Match Boutique at the Ferry Landing, 1201 1st Street, #217.

4. Flamingo Bag.  Have fun not giving a “flock” with this cheeky and trendy carry-all. Stick a bottle of champagne inside to take it to the next level! Dollie Style & Accessories, 824 Orange Ave.

5. Rosegold Flamingo Float. Ride off into the sunset on this party-pleasing flamingo float.  (And laugh watching your friends try to climb on. If you have one, you know what I’m talking about!) Bike & Kayak, Ferry Landing, 1201 1st Street.

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!