Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget? Restaurant Week Has You Covered!

Stone Crab and Lacquered Halibut at 1500 Ocean? Or Pappardelle al Short Rib Ragu at Primavera? Decisions, decisions. I’m happy to report that BOTH can be yours if your play your (credit) cards right. These are just two of seven Coronado restaurants opening their doors for San Diego Restaurant Week.

Check out the menus of participating Coronado hotspots below. But make your resos now! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

San Diego Restaurant Week runs September 24th (that’s yesterday!) thru Sunday Oct 1st. Let’s get on it!

1500 Ocean. Dinner, $50 a person.

Il Fornaio. Lunch, $20. 


Il Fornaio Dinner, $40.

Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge. Lunch, $15. 

Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge. Dinner, $30. 

Maretalia. Lunch, $15.

Maretalia. Dinner, $30.

Peohe’s. Dinner, $30-$40.

Primavera. Dinner, $40.

Stake. Dinner, $50.