What’s Cooking at Taste of Coronado

I spy with my little eye…bruschetta from Il Fornaio!

Baby sitter? Booked. Tickets? Bought ‘em a week ago. Game plan? Start at the Ferry Landing and work our way south. (Or is it West? Who cares. There’s food!)

It’s that time of year again! Thanks to the ladies of the Junior Women’s Club, Taste of Coronado is ALMOST upon us! (The event is Wednesday, Oct 11th from 5pm to 9pm.)

We caught up with Jessica Cunningham and Renee Nutter, co-chairs of the event, for the skinny on the big night. Here’s what they had to say.

First off, big news! According to Jessica, there are some brand, spankin’ new stops featured on this year’s “Taste.” This includes the always-exquisite Primavera, (winner of a 2017 “Diner’s Choice” Award from Open Table, grazie!)

Well, hello there, old friend!

We’ll also sample choice bites and nibbles from new hotspot Maretalia (in Vigaluci’s former space) and tempting morsels from the yet-to-be-opened West Pac Noodle Bar (both from Blue Bridge.) And Firefly, home to delicious, artisan pizzas, is buzzing back on the tour!

Look at all the stops! JUST LOOK AT THEM.

But wait…do I smell hops? Something else is brewing. “Blue Bridge is going to feature beer pairings at all their stops,” says Renee. Cheers to that!

Speaking of adult beverages.

“The Tavern is doing drinks,” says Renee. “How does this sound for delicious? Lavender lemonade with Green Mark vodka, house-infused lavender syrup and fresh lemon. They’re also doing the Smoke & Honey…Monkey Shoulder scotch, Xicaru Mezcal, fresh lemon and honey comb.”

Can’t wait to try that one! But what about the food? Which dining stops are we looking forward to the most?

“Il Fornaio is always a favorite, the fried chicken at Claytons, and you can’t miss the bonbons at Mootime,” says Jessica. “I can’t wait to see what the Brig is doing. Actually, a lot of the restaurants are coming up with something new this year, and my mouth is watering thinking about it all!”

Look at how they glisten!

We really loved the complimentary trolley last year. Will it be back?

“Yes,” says Jessica. “Three trolleys will be consistently flowing, and we’ve made sure that one is ADA complaint.”

And what event is complete without live music? Turns out Midlife Crisis will be playing at McPs so we can dance off all the carbs. Music to our ears!

“Each year Taste of Coronado gets better and better,” says Jessica. “We still have stops that have been with us from the first year—we are on our eighth year now. Each year there are more choices, better options and a great atmosphere that really showcases our beautiful island.”

Usually need to unbutton my jeans at this point.

The best part? Taste of Coronado won’t take a bite out of your wallet. Tickets are only $45 ($50 the day of) and proceeds go to charity. (This year it’s the Junior Achievement of San Diego County.)

See you on the trolley!

One of the best parts of the night. Trolley dance party, anyone? (Watch the pole.)