Four for Friday!

This is the part of the blog where I share great deals you can score without leaving the island! Let’s get right to it.

1.”Wine and Paint” workshop at Emerald C Gallery. Cozy up at Emerald C for some brush dipping and wine sipping! You’ll create your own canvas masterpiece, and the $40 fee includes supplies, instruction and all the wine you can drink! But don’t forget to RSVP…space fills up fast. Workshops run every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 6-8pm. Cheers to that! Register online and preview the paintings here.

2. The Pumpkin Spice Candle by Our Own Candle Company. Nothing says Fall like pumpkin ANYTHING. I bought this candle a couple of weeks ago and it makes my house smell amazing! Getting ready to Amazon Prime a couple more of these bad boys. Check it out here. Amazon, currently $14.99.

3. “I’m Here for the Boos” Tank. I grabbed this from Target last week to make my $80 “Target minimum” and I love it. My daughters think its super cute, and I dig the witty (and appropriate) pun. Target, $12.99.

4. Happy Hour at Il Fornaio. I love getting cozy in the bar or toasty under the heat lamps in the outdoor patio for this happy hour. How can you beat eating $6 pizzas a stone’s throw from the blue bay? Happy Hour runs Monday-Friday from 3-6pm. 1333 First Street, Coronado. 619-437-4911.

Thanks for reading, and happy Friday!

Mayor Richard Bailey…Off the Clock!

You’ve seen the official side of Mayor Richard Bailey. You’ve seen him address bridge safety issues at political meetings, and snip away at ribbon cutting ceremonies. Maybe you’ve even spotted him helping out at Beer by the Bay, or attending a school fundraiser party.

But what does the mayor like to do around town when he’s NOT working? (Wait, does that ever happen? He is mayor, after all.)

We caught up with Richard to ask. Here’s what he had to say! (Turns out, mayors like to have fun, too.)

ISLAND GIRL: It’s Friday and it’s 5pm. That means it’s Happy Hour! Where do you go to unwind and meet up with friends?

RICHARD BAILEY: Let’s see…you can definitely catch me at McPs. Shout out to Tom and Ted! I’m a sucker for the fries and gravy there. I also like Stake’s happy hour; great ambiance and view.

ISLAND GIRL: If you had to pick ONE menu item to eat right now from any restaurant in town, what would it be? Why are you craving it?

RICHARD BAILEY: Hmm, at this very moment at 1:30pm, I would go with an “Earthquake Cookie” from Tartine. I just finished lunch so I am craving something sweet and those cookies are delicious! If you ever need a meeting with me, I can’t say no to an Earthquake cookie or two!

ISLAND GIRL: It’s Saturday and it’s a beautiful day! If you want to spend some time outside on the island, where do you go?

RICHARD BAILEY: Hands down my favorite activity when the week is finished and I have nothing to do, I hop on a beach cruiser and ride aimlessly. There is something about going for a ride with nowhere to go that is incredibly relaxing.

ISLAND GIRL: You’re taking a break and enjoying a cup of coffee. Where are you?

RICHARD BAILEY: I am actually not a coffee drinker, but I do love a good hot chocolate, especially in the fall and winter.  My favorite hot chocolate spot is 1134 because they add extra-thick whip cream.

ISLAND GIRL: There are so many fun events happening around Coronado these days. Do you have a favorite event you look forward to each every year? 

RICHARD BAILEY: It is hard to pick just one, but my favorite event of the year is the July 4th celebration.  Between circumnavigation, the parade, dozens of BBQs throughout the day, and of course the fireworks, it doesn’t get better than that.  Seeing our community celebrate our love of country and the men and women that keep it safe, is a reminder of everything that is “right” with the world.

ISLAND GIRL: It’s date night, and you’re pulling out all the stops. Where do you go, and why?

RICHARD BAILEY: Date night…what’s that?

(Shut down! Sorry, we tried.)

ISLAND GIRL: In your mind, what is Coronado’s best-kept secret?

RICHARD BAILEY: A place I like to take guests is to the pocket park where I Avenue meets 1st Street. It’s quiet, with lots of shade, and a great view of downtown San Diego. I’ve even taken some locals there who had no idea the park existed.

ISLAND GIRL: What would you like to see on the island, that isn’t already here?

RICHARD BAILEY: I think we could use an off-leash dog park that is in the Village area. We have so many dog lovers in town that it would be great if there were additional locations for them (other) than Dog Beach to run around. Of course, the challenge is where to put one!

ISLAND GIRL: In your mind, what is the biggest cliché about living in Coronado? Why is it not true?

RICHARD BAILEY: Coronado is obviously a very expensive place to live and the high prices of real estate can give some people a false impression of the type of people that live in Coronado.  I have to say, the generosity shared by people in town that support causes here at home and across the bridge never ceases to amaze me.  The people of Coronado through and through, have big and altruistic hearts for serving others, whether that be contributing financial resources or their military service. I am very proud to be a Coronadian.

ISLAND GIRL: You’re Mayor. (Duh.) Do you find it hard to go out in Coronado and have a good time? Do you feel like you need to leave the island to be anonymous?  Or do you truly enjoy being in the public eye, even when you are relaxing and doing your day-to-day activities? 

RICHARD BAILEY: I smile while answering this question because the Mayor is never “off the clock.” The way I see it, is that I work for 26,000 “bosses” and it is my pleasure to serve – whether that is addressing a permitting question at 2 a.m. at McP’s or talking traffic while on a morning run, I love it all.

Well put, Mayor Bailey! And now we know how to score a meeting with you…two Earthquake cookies, please!

Do you have a fun, non-political question for the Mayor? Feel free to comment below, and we’ll see if we can get it answered!

Four for Friday!

This is the part of the blog where I share some some of my favorite finds…often from our very own island! Read on for details.

  1. Salt & Pepper Pineapple Set. How cute are these little guys? I’m always amazed at some of the things I find at the hardware store.  And a good price…Compare to $14.95 on Amazon. Go, Coronado Hardware!  $11.99, Coronado Hardware Glass and Paint, 140 Orange Avenue.
  2. Deep Water, by Katherine Nichols. If you live in Coronado, you have to read this book! You might know that it’s about “The Coronado Company,” a drug smuggling ring that started when a Coronado High School student swam a bag of weed from Mexico to Imperial Beach. What you may not know is that the small-town entrepreneurs…including CHS students and a Spanish teacher…made it big-time, growing their biz into a one hundred million dollar global operation. You’ll love the references to former Coronado landmarks like Cora-Mart and Oscars. Currently $6.20 on Amazon.
  3. A Blissful Nest Blog. Rebekah Dempsey isn’t just a style guru…she is one of my best friends! Check lot her blog for all things home decor and design. You’ll also find organization, fashion and entertaining tips for your blissful home and life. I even ripped this idea off of her, but she’s so major she doesn’t care. (Her’s is actually “5 for Friday,” but I couldn’t find a free template for five things. Because I suck. But she doesn’t.) 
  4. Coronado Cupcakery. What more do I need to say about this? This Ferry Landing favorite always delivers. My fav? The Coconut Carla! Coconut cake with coconut cream cheese and topped with…that’s right…coconut! 1201 1st Street (Ferry Landing) on the Candela’s side. $18 for half a dozen. 

What’s Cooking at Taste of Coronado

I spy with my little eye…bruschetta from Il Fornaio!

Baby sitter? Booked. Tickets? Bought ‘em a week ago. Game plan? Start at the Ferry Landing and work our way south. (Or is it West? Who cares. There’s food!)

It’s that time of year again! Thanks to the ladies of the Junior Women’s Club, Taste of Coronado is ALMOST upon us! (The event is Wednesday, Oct 11th from 5pm to 9pm.)

We caught up with Jessica Cunningham and Renee Nutter, co-chairs of the event, for the skinny on the big night. Here’s what they had to say.

First off, big news! According to Jessica, there are some brand, spankin’ new stops featured on this year’s “Taste.” This includes the always-exquisite Primavera, (winner of a 2017 “Diner’s Choice” Award from Open Table, grazie!)

Well, hello there, old friend!

We’ll also sample choice bites and nibbles from new hotspot Maretalia (in Vigaluci’s former space) and tempting morsels from the yet-to-be-opened West Pac Noodle Bar (both from Blue Bridge.) And Firefly, home to delicious, artisan pizzas, is buzzing back on the tour!

Look at all the stops! JUST LOOK AT THEM.

But wait…do I smell hops? Something else is brewing. “Blue Bridge is going to feature beer pairings at all their stops,” says Renee. Cheers to that!

Speaking of adult beverages.

“The Tavern is doing drinks,” says Renee. “How does this sound for delicious? Lavender lemonade with Green Mark vodka, house-infused lavender syrup and fresh lemon. They’re also doing the Smoke & Honey…Monkey Shoulder scotch, Xicaru Mezcal, fresh lemon and honey comb.”

Can’t wait to try that one! But what about the food? Which dining stops are we looking forward to the most?

“Il Fornaio is always a favorite, the fried chicken at Claytons, and you can’t miss the bonbons at Mootime,” says Jessica. “I can’t wait to see what the Brig is doing. Actually, a lot of the restaurants are coming up with something new this year, and my mouth is watering thinking about it all!”

Look at how they glisten!

We really loved the complimentary trolley last year. Will it be back?

“Yes,” says Jessica. “Three trolleys will be consistently flowing, and we’ve made sure that one is ADA complaint.”

And what event is complete without live music? Turns out Midlife Crisis will be playing at McPs so we can dance off all the carbs. Music to our ears!

“Each year Taste of Coronado gets better and better,” says Jessica. “We still have stops that have been with us from the first year—we are on our eighth year now. Each year there are more choices, better options and a great atmosphere that really showcases our beautiful island.”

Usually need to unbutton my jeans at this point.

The best part? Taste of Coronado won’t take a bite out of your wallet. Tickets are only $45 ($50 the day of) and proceeds go to charity. (This year it’s the Junior Achievement of San Diego County.)

See you on the trolley!

One of the best parts of the night. Trolley dance party, anyone? (Watch the pole.)

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget? Restaurant Week Has You Covered!

Stone Crab and Lacquered Halibut at 1500 Ocean? Or Pappardelle al Short Rib Ragu at Primavera? Decisions, decisions. I’m happy to report that BOTH can be yours if your play your (credit) cards right. These are just two of seven Coronado restaurants opening their doors for San Diego Restaurant Week.

Check out the menus of participating Coronado hotspots below. But make your resos now! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

San Diego Restaurant Week runs September 24th (that’s yesterday!) thru Sunday Oct 1st. Let’s get on it!

1500 Ocean. Dinner, $50 a person.

Il Fornaio. Lunch, $20. 


Il Fornaio Dinner, $40.

Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge. Lunch, $15. 

Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge. Dinner, $30. 

Maretalia. Lunch, $15.

Maretalia. Dinner, $30.

Peohe’s. Dinner, $30-$40.

Primavera. Dinner, $40.

Stake. Dinner, $50.